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Quality Work from Start to Finish

Custom Finishes

Bayside Plastering specializes in creating and matching any custom finish using the latest and most reliable products and techniques. We work in partnership with major builders, developers, and homeowners in Newport Beach, California, and the surrounding areas, giving us an excellent reputation in the industry. We provide the following custom finish services:

• Hand-Applied Smooth Trowel Santa Barbara Finish
• Italian Plaster (including Venetian Plaster Stains & Waxes)
• Standard 16/20 Sand Finish
• Float Finish
• Traditional & Spanish Lace Textures
• Dash Spray Finishes

Exterior Plaster Finish

Inlaid Structures

Our technicians provide a variety of installation services for inlaid structures in Newport Beach, California, and the surrounding areas. We offer fabrications, repairs, and upgrades on both residential and commercial projects, including the following:

• Rounded Arches
• Foam Columns & Molding
• Eaves
• Raised Window Boxes
• Barbecues & Fire Pits
• Pools & Patios
• Rock Gardens
• Water Fountains
• Waterscapes
• Koi Ponds

Plaster Repairs

At Bayside Plastering, our workers are skilled in finding the proper solution to any repair or problem you may find on your residential or commercial property. Whether it's a crack, water leak, weep screed repair, or moisture problem, our team of plaster repair specialists will evaluate the problem and discuss various solutions with you free of charge. Call our 24-hour phone line to arrange a consultation with us.