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Our Guaranteed Exterior Services

We know that your family's time is important, so we guarantee that your job will be done on time and above standard. Our trained staff is standing by to answer all of your questions by phone or e-mail. We work in partnership with major builders, developers, and franchises throughout Southern California, and use the highest-quality materials and workmanship available. At Bayside Plastering, all of our work has a lifelong guarantee.

Residential Houses

Residential Projects

We specialize in exterior design upgrades and cosmetic home improvements for residential customers in Newport Beach, California, and the surrounding areas. Our services include the following:

• Complete Exterior Plaster
• Finishes (Using Various Textures & Colors Suited to the Client's Personal Taste)
• Venetian Stains & Faux Marble Techniques
• Removing Unwanted or Rotten Wood
• Resurfacing Block Walls & Planters
• Patchwork & Repairs on Damaged or Weathered Stucco
• Installing Decorative Moldings
• Plaster Shaping (including Columns & Window Boxes)
• Custom Patio Designs (including Inlaid Fire Pits & Benches)

Commercial Projects

As a State of California-licensed contractor since 1989, we are certified for any commercial project. We provide exterior upgrades and cosmetic improvements to commercial properties, such as:

• Strip Mall Facade Upgrades
• Complete Exterior Plaster Finishes (Using Various Textures & Colors)
• Ground-Up Projects
• Tenant Improvements
• Patchwork & Repairs
• Decorative Molding Installation
• Plaster Shaping (including Columns & Custom Shapes)

Commercial Building